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810 E Grand Ave

Fruita, CO 81521


Fruita TimberWorx crafts our luxury furniture from wood sourced within Colorado. The state's challenging growing conditions yield wood with distinctive traits. Each piece is individually hand-built and hand-finished, which may result in minor cracks, checks, holes, and variations in color and grain. These features are especially pronounced in our live edge collections. Rather than being flaws, these are natural attributes of the material.

We employ top-notch finishing techniques, all executed by hand. Due to the inherently organic nature of wood, slight inconsistencies in color, gloss, or texture of the finish may exist from one piece to another. Again, these are not flaws but part of the piece’s unique character.

Every item crafted by Fruita TimberWorx possesses its own individual personality and hue—a testament to the quality of solid wood furniture. Our products have a rustic and organic aesthetic, distinct from the uniformity of machine-produced furniture. Wood is a living material, and minor adjustments in your furniture due to changes in humidity and temperature are to be expected and are not considered defects.

Our handcrafted solid wood furniture may incorporate knots, brush strokes, varying textures, distress marks, visible joint lines, nicks, and cracks. Tabletops made with joined pieces will naturally expand and contract, without affecting the overall integrity of the item. These unique traits may not appeal to everyone; if you don't appreciate these natural variances, we recommend against buying handcrafted furniture.

Fruita TimberWorx is committed to building each furniture piece with the utmost care and precision. With appropriate use and maintenance, your solid wood furniture is designed to endure for years. Should you identify a defect within 90 days of receiving your purchase, please reach out to discuss warranty repair solutions.

Please note that Fruita TimberWorx cannot offer warranty coverage for damages resulting from improper handling, care, cleaning, relocation, or general misuse of the product.

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