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The Alpine Ascent Desk is a harmonious blend of natural allure, sustainable craftsmanship, and timeless design. Crafted from reclaimed cottonwood, this remarkable desk displays the inherent charm and unique character of repurposed timber, providing a workspace that is as inspiring as the mountains themselves.


As you sit at your Alpine Ascent Desk, you'll find yourself transported to the brisk, clean air of the Rockies, immersed in the tranquility and majesty of nature's most impressive peaks. The desk's clean lines and elegant silhouette pay tribute to the towering heights and dramatic inclines of the mountains, while its warm, organic hues capture the earthy tones and rugged beauty of the alpine landscape.


Each Alpine Ascent Desk is skillfully handcrafted by the artisans at Fruita TimberWorx, whose commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation is paramount. By sourcing reclaimed cottonwood, they not only rejuvenate this robust and beautiful material but also forge a connection between your work experience and the rich heritage of Fruita, Colorado.


The Alpine Ascent Desk is not just a piece of office furniture; it's a work of art that celebrates the breathtaking beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the adventurous spirit that encapsulates the American West. With its harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality, this desk will be the focal point of your workspace for generations to come.


When you invest in an Alpine Ascent Desk, you're not only choosing a striking, heirloom-quality piece of furniture, but you're also supporting local artisans and promoting sustainable living. Fruita TimberWorx takes pride in creating furniture that reflects their passion for the environment and the community of Fruita, Colorado, ensuring that your purchase is both a solid investment and an eco-friendly choice.


Embrace the majesty and enchantment of the Rocky Mountains in your workspace with the Alpine Ascent Desk. Handcrafted with dedication and precision by Fruita TimberWorx, this extraordinary desk stands as a tribute to sustainable craftsmanship, a celebration of natural beauty, and a symbol of the invincible spirit of the American West. Order your Alpine Ascent Desk today, and let the splendor of the mountains inspire your every endeavor.


The Alpline Ascent Desk is crafted from a single beautiful Cottonwood slab and finished with a satin polyurethane for durability and attractive sheen.


Dimensions: 39 3/4" Long x 24" Wide x 30 1/2" Tall

Alpine Ascent Desk

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